Want Luscious Hair? Deep Conditioning Heat Caps Fix Dry, Brittle Hair

Get rid of dry hair by incorporating a Lava Cap heat cap into your weekly haircare routine
Experience more hydrated hair from the first use, and moreso so with regular usage!

Chances are you know what if feels like to have dry, brittle hair as most people experience hair dryness at some point in their lives. Unfortunately many experience this for most of their lives and guess what? Most people don’t like the feel of dry hair, and certainly don't enjoy touching someone else's dry hair! In fact, dry, brittle hair is the most common reason for a lack of hair confidence among 40% of men and women*.

Some people consider doing a “big chop” - cutting off their hair to start anew with hopefully healthy, natural hair growth

Your brain recoils whenever you touch it because you know (even if only subconsciously) that you need to do something about it. Your hair might be frizzier than usual and you’ve noticed it’s been harder to style recently. 

Perhaps you think it’s damaged beyond repair and are considering doing a “big chop” - cutting it off to start anew with hopefully healthy growth. And even if you manage to get it to look okay each day you know it’s not in the best condition which is frustrating if you care about your holistic health. 

There are countless reasons why your hair might be dry – from hormone-driven changes to living in a hard water area (13 million homes in the UK are in a hard water area!**) but despite the reason your hair is dry, using the right tools and having the right haircare routine will improve the condition of your hair.

People with dyed, bleached or colour treated hair also experience dryness

We’ve created a solution that focuses on helping hair to absorb more moisture, regardless of the cause of dryness – Lava Cap, a heatable cap that boosts your deep conditioning treatments at home. It works to hydrate straw-textured hair and the difference is visible almost immediately.


5 Reasons you should add a heatable deep conditioning cap to your haircare routine

  1. Gentle heat is a known enhancement for most hair treatments - this is why professional salons use hair steamers, dryers and even hot towels as heat is proven to reduce hair dryness and brittleness

  2. It helps your hair absorb the active ingredients from your haircare products. Get the most from your products by helping them to penetrate the hair shaft, don’t just let them sit on the surface of your hair before being rinsing off

  3. The heat is also great for the scalp as it stimulates blood flow to support hair growth

  4. Lava Cap is therapeutic, the comforting warmth allows you to indulge in some “me time” each wash day – create a ritual of selfcare alongside regular hair maintenance 

  5. Lava Cap is a cost effective way to enhance your at-home hair treatments between salon visits

Buy a Lava Cap heatable deep conditioning cap - in stock now

Lava Cap is the flaxseed-filled, microwavable deep-conditioning cap that makes it easy for anyone with dry, frizzy hair to rehydrate & rejuvenate their tresses at home or in the salon.Lava Caps are natural heat caps made of cotton and flaxseed

Lava Caps are simple to use: microwave for 90 seconds and wear over shower cap after you’ve applied a hair mask, conditioner or hair oil to slightly damp hair


Lava Cap helps to hydrate hair without heat damage, is cordless and compact for ease of use, heats up in 90 secs + you can treat hair while doing other tasks, and has a low energy requirement; fully reusable cap
Lava Cap heat caps are suitable for all hair types from straight & wavy to curly type 3 and coily type 4b-4c hair
Lava Cap is rated 4.6 stars on Amazon, here are some product reviews from people who benefitted from using the heat cap
Buy a Lava Cap heatable deep conditioning cap - in stock nowLava Cap has featured in magazines and newspapers including The Telegraph, Observer, Stylist magazine, Grazia and Conde Nast Traveller
Buy a Lava Cap heatable deep conditioning cap - in stock now
Have peace of mind with your Lava Cap purchase as we offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you're not happy with your purchase
Sources: *Harvey Water Softeners UK study **Neutrogena “Dry Hair Causes” article.