Natural Flaxseed Conditioning Caps

Like a Steamy Tropical Rainforest On Your Head!

The natural heat stored in this flaxseed heat cap encourages blood flow in the scalp which is essential for healthy hair growth. It also creates a warm and humid environment for your hair so all the goodness of your treatment products can sink in and deeply moisturise your hair from within instead of just sitting on the surface.

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FlexiDetangler Kits Are Great For Curly Hair!

Tropikara Leaf Print with Scalp Massager brush


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Scalp Massager Kit

All Hair Needs Moisture, Especially Beautiful Delicate Curls

An important part of maintaining long, healthy tresses is to regularly treat hair that's prone to dryness to a sauna-like environment to help hydrate the strands. Ideal for delicate hair e.g. curly hair that easily loses moisture.


Multiply the effect of hydrating hair conditioners by bathing your hair in a gentle, moist heat with this heated hair cap.

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Drink More Water to Maintain

Moisturised Hair


Scalp Massager Brushes

"Bought this for my 6 year old granddaughter and she loves the colourful pattern and says the warm cap feels great!

It's not heavy on her head so she can wear it while playing and waiting for her hair treatment to be done"


"I am obsessed with my new cap! Everything I needed was included in the box, all I needed to do was reach out for my favourite deep conditioner. I heated the cap for 90 seconds and left it on my hair for a few hours.


It felt like a true at home spa treatment. My hair has never been so butter soft and I am natural. This is now a staple in my collection and would highly recommend it!!!!"


"I tried the heatcap for the first time on Christmas Eve and honestly it was the last thing I was missing from my at home hair treatment and actually part of my self care routine.For me I love the style /colours (its a bit of me!) and just the whole idea of a heat cap (hadn’t heard of one before). Quality is spot on re material and essentially it does what it says.

Would defo recommend. It can be a bit heavy on the head but I think I’ll get used to it given that it was my first time trying it out. Love the little goodies that comes with it inc plastic caps & detangler. Order yours! It’s a Game changer"


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