Do You Want Beautiful, Healthy Hair?

Boost your at-home hair treatments with Lava Cap.

The Lava Cap conditioning booster cap is a great and easy way to care for your hair at home!

The durable cotton flaxseed-filled cap is microwave-friendly and easy to use – with this bold, colourful cap you’ll be sporting a beautiful head of healthy-looking, hydrated hair in no time!

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All Hair Needs Moisture

An important part of maintaining long, healthy tresses is to regularly treat hair that's prone to dryness to a sauna-like environment to help hydrate the strands. Ideal for delicate hair including fine hair, curly hair, dyed or bleached hair and dry-looking damaged hair that easily loses moisture.

Multiply the effect of hydrating hair conditioners by bathing your hair in a gentle, moist heat with this heated hair cap.

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