How long do I need to heat my Lava Cap for?

90 seconds usually, but no more than 2 minutes each time


How do I wash my Lava Cap?

Please do not wash your cap as Lava Caps should never get wet!
We'd advise using a waterproof or disposable shower caps each time you use your Lava Cap to reduce the cleaning requirement, but if your cap gets conditioiner or hair product on it then wipe clean with a warm damp cloth, being careful not to soak it.

How often can I use my Lava Cap?

You can use your Lava Cap whenever you condition your hair, so even daily if you'd like! We reccomend using the cap at least weekly if you have dry hair to help your hair find its ideal moisture balance.

The Lava Cap provides a gentle heat so it does not cause heat damage while boosting your hair's conditioning treatment.

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